Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

Yes, Halloween is over now.  We've gathered up all the decorations ...

... and the last of the bats have been caught ...

... and everything has been boxed up for another year.

But everyone has been asking for a look at Walter's costume.  He wanted to be a guinea pig this year.  We bought the fake fur from the fabric store.  Felt and fingerless gloves from the dollar store, and some scissor and sewing action from Mommy made it happen.

The fingerless gloves were the paws.

You can see how effective they were at making Walter act the part of a guinea pig.

The guinea pig face was two pieces of felt cut into a mask shape, sewed together with thick cotton thread, and some fur fabric remnants as ears.

Walter loved his costume even though I thought I could have done a better job.

Another costume stored away.

Do you ever re-use your costumes?