Sunday, July 15, 2012

Privacy and Blogging

You may have noticed that in my last post I mentioned my Son's name - Walter.  And there's a new photo at the end of the page showing Walter swimming.

Up to now I've kept our personal information private.  After all, it's a blog.  Who knows what type of people come to your site.  But I've been visiting a lot of sites lately to get ideas on how I want my blog to look & feel, and I've noticed that the ones I really enjoy are the ones where I know where the people live, what they do.  The ones that mention family by name.  The ones that I feel like I know who they are.  I don't want to be a hypocrite - if my tendency is towards blogs that are open I should be open with mine.  Yes, it's a gamble, but walking out the door is a gamble.

So, although I might not be listing my home address or giving you my cell number I'm going to be a bit more open with personal information.

Hi, I'm Louise and I'm learning to Blog better!

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