Sunday, January 06, 2013

Three Weekends Until Move-Out

We have spent this weekend packing up everything we could from our second floor - bedrooms, linen closet, and bathrooms.  Manuel and Walter moved everything out of the crawl space and into the garage.  We basically tried to box anything we didn't need for the next three weeks.

My workstation was a lap tray - labels, pens, markers, tape gun, and notebook.  Each box was marked with two labels - one a colour coded tab-style label marked with either a U, M, or B plus a two-letter abbreviation for the room.  A second, larger label indicated the box number and the full room name.  One set went on the top of the box and another set on one side.  If a box had fragile items inside an extra FRAGILE label was added to these label sets.  I did 38 boxes this way, taking an occasional break to make popcorn and watch some Magoo videos with Walter.

Next week we'll concentrate on the first floor - kitchen, living and dining rooms, laundry room, and hall closet.

The last weekend before we move we'll spend shifting the upstairs boxes downstairs, and finishing off anything that is still outstanding anywhere in the house.

We've booked a U-Haul 17' panel truck for Thursday night - Saturday.

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