Monday, December 23, 2013

Craigslist - Final Results

Back on November 15 I posted about how I create a Craigslist post, and even gave an example to hi-light some of the points I made.  Then, a week later (on November 23) I gave you an update on how things were going.  I think it's a good time for a final check-in to see how things have gone.
  • Triumph Bike Trailer Holds 2 Children - $55
    - Sold in 7 days, sell price $30 (54.5% of asking price)
  • Summer Extra Wide Extra tall Bedrail - $20
    - Sold in 7 days, sell price $15 (75% of asking price)
  • Combi Stroller - $55
    - Sold on December 19, 25 days - sell price $45 (82% of asking price)
  • Wooden Radio Flyer Rocking Horse - $75
    - not sold, no emails/calls - dropped price to $45 since there are a lot of wooden horses for sale at Christmas time
  • 1989 Honda Prelude - $1750
    - lot's of interest, several people have come by, continued to get intermittent calls and queries beyond the initial two weeks, and finally sold today after 29 days - sell price $1750 (100% of asking price)
That means a total take home of $1840.  4 out of 5 things have sold within the month.  Only the car had many calls/queries, and several test drives (and came with a few low-ball offers).  The rest of the items sold to the one and only interested caller.

We've put $1000 into our household account to pay for the upcoming yearly city utility bill.  Walter got $90 (I'll try to build in some spending/saving lessons with it).  The remainder we split between us adults to do with as we see fit.  I'll likely use mine for Christmas groceries and last minute stocking stuffers.

I have to say selling on Craigslist isn't always so successful.  It can take a lot of patience and waiting before you see results.

I'm actually feeling a sense of loss for the Honda.  It was the car Manuel drove me in on our first date.  I guess I was more attached than I realized!

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