Saturday, February 08, 2014

My Bosch Universal Plus

I've had my Bosch Universal Plus stand mixer for just over a month and thought it would be a good time to give you a review of it.

First, I have to say I'm really happy with my choice.  When I first got it I wondered if I should have gone for the smaller one, but the Universal Plus has been perfect.  It has a permanent spot on the kitchen counter next to our coffee maker, ready to go.

I do keep the extra attachments in two cardboard boxes that I happened to have around.  One of the boxes holds the food processor blades and other attachments necessary for food processing.  The other wider and shorter box holds the whips, paddles, and scrapers.  These boxes plus the blender attachment sit on top of the fridge, in easy reach.

When I was doing my research I read some reviews where people complained about clean up after using it, but I've found it as easy as any prior setup I've used.  Since it uses a drive shaft in the centre you do need to pull that out before washing it, but that's simply tilting it slightly to get to the underneath portion - turning the shaft and pulling it out.  Here you see the underside with the drive shaft removed.

Then a quick rinse with warm water and soap and it's done.  Nothing really sticks ... I haven't struggled at all to clean it.

I dry it off with a tea towel, and even roll up the towel so that I can put it into the underside drive shaft spot and turn a bit one way and a bit the other way to pick up any moisture that's managed to get inside.  After that I just place it on a tea towel to completely dry.  It is important to allow it to completely dry before putting it back together.  Since the motor is at the bottom and the drive shaft connects to it you don't want moisture getting into the motor via that connection.  A dry bowl ensures that doesn't happen.  The one failing I find is that Bosch didn't supply a little cap to put over the connection to prevent anything from getting in there when the bowl isn't in place.  I have come up with my own solution - I use a tiny china bowl and invert it over the spot.  It fits perfectly, protecting the opening nicely.  You can see it in the picture below with the drive shaft laying on it's side in front.

So, aside from not being supplied with a proper cap to cover the drive shaft connection point I'd have to say this stand mixer is perfect.  It is extremely easy to mix anything ... and so quick.  You're done in at least half the time.

I'd give it a 9 out of 10.

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