Tuesday, June 14, 2011

In the Middle of Nowhere?

OK.  I felt bad about yesterdays post because I only had one photo to offer.  This was mainly due to me being lazy ... I had more photos, but they were sideways and I didn't feel like fixing them!  So, this morning before work I fixed them.  Here are a couple:

The photo on the left is DH just in the process of laying the first row - it was important to get this line true as all the other rows will feed off it and it would be awful to have a floor that doesn't look straight!  The second photo shows where DH has gotten to.  He thinks the remainder of the guest room should go much more quickly since he'll be working with the tong of the board.  What you see here took four days - but more than two days was pulling out the carpet and underlay and putting down sheets of plywood since the old subfloor was just particle board with some rather big holes in it.

Just in case you wonder where all the furnishings from the guest room have gotten to:

This is our master bedroom ... sigh.  Oh, yeah, we have also rented a large storage locker, so this is only the bits that haven't been moved over!  I spend my evenings trying to keep a narrow pathway open.

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