Thursday, November 22, 2012


During a recent e-course I took on blogging I learned that there are over 6 million bloggers out there.  Wow!  I read close to 100 a day, so I have a few more to find ;)

One of my favourites is Thistlewood Farm by Karianne, a wonderful woman from Kentucky.  Her photos are beautiful, her writings engaging.  You have only to read her "The Game of Life" post to see what I mean - I dare you to not laugh and nod while all the time feeling bad for her.  Things happen and she's willing to share her ups and downs in the most uplifting, funny way.

I've commented a couple of times on some of her posts and she has always taken the time to reply - how gracious is that?  And what I love about her replies?  She always ends her replies with "Blessings."  The first time I read the word I felt a kindness - one word did that.  In other times we might have ended with "Peace, Man" ... but somehow Blessings is so right for the times we live in now.

Count our Blessings.

I've started using a slight variation ...

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