Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fall Reflections

This past weekend had an extra day for us due to Remembrance Day - November 11th.  Some of us in Canada got Monday, November 12th in lieu of Remembrance Day as it fell on a weekend this year.  All this to say we took the opportunity to take a trip to the Okanagan to visit Manuel's Mom.  Walter loves visiting with his grandma ... especially since she lives on a small farm.  So much space to roam freely - a five year olds happy place!

And so much to do - like climbing your first tree by yourself ... with the help of a crate!

It was nice to get away - to forget being homeless, to leave our next home search behind for a few days.  We spent our days helping out around the farm - raking leaves and hefting them into the chicken coop; cracking walnuts; and making quince jam.  And some of us climbed cherry trees and hid in leave piles.  Totally re-energizing for all of us.

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