Thursday, February 07, 2013

Not Gone ... Just Overwhelmed!

Just a quick note to say we are all alive.  We have moved into our new home and we're just trying to get everything unboxed.  Deciding where to put everything is hard.  It's incredible to think that all this stuff we have used to fit into a 1400 square foot townhome and now that we are living in a 3000+ square foot home you'd think we'd have lots of space.  Space?  Yes ... but it's trying to fit the old patterns in a new environment that makes it challenging.  I'm having to think up new solutions.

Still ... we love our new home.

I am hoping to get a chance this weekend to snap some photos of how things are right now, so that as we begin to make changes - renovate, decorate, reinvent - that you'll be able to see Before and After photos.

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