Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The New Home

It's been 26 days since we moved into our new home.  We've settled in, have our daily workaday routine ... but we still have lots of boxes to empty out.  I'm overwhelmed by how much stuff we have.  We came from a 1400 square foot townhouse.  Our stuff fit in there fine.  Our new home, with its 3000 square feet, is causing me grief.  I can't find places to put all that stuff.  With more than double the square footage it should be easy.  And it's not that the place is lacking closets.  It's just well ... I don't quite know.  Somehow what worked so well in the townhouse doesn't work here.

In any case, let me give you some photos so you have a sense of what we've moved into.

This is what the outside looks like.  It is a basic contemporary with some colonial details.  It plays small from the outside, but it's got 1000 square feet on each of its three levels.  From this outside aspect you see the main and upper floors; the basement is a walk-out to the backyard, so actually gets plenty of light.  It was built in 1980 and we are only its second owners.  The trees you see at the back of the house are part of the park reserve that the house backs onto ... so no neighbours back there.  We are truly enjoying the quiet of our new neighbourhood. 

Here's where we are at right now.  A living room still filled with unopened boxes and 99% of our artwork still to be hung - hiding behind a huge sofa that was left behind by the previous owners.

Speaking of things left behind - we did agree that the previous owners could leave some furniture behind.  We inherited the aforementioned sofa, a full dining set with buffet, table and seven chairs, a large stereo cabinet stationed in the front foyer, and another sofa and armchair in the family room.  I can't say any of the pieces speak to me, but we're trying to incorporate them into our belongings.  Here's a collage showing the stereo cabinet (top left), and the dining set, including a detailed shot of one of the chairs.

There are things I'm not sure what to do about.  For instance, the chandelier in the dining room?  Definitely not my style.  Perhaps I'll spray paint it some bold colour?

And there are other "design" issues.  A crystal chandelier in the foyer, a country-inspired pendant in the stairwell, and ... umm, lace curtains in the stairwell window.  No, none of them "speak" to me.  I think I will have to find replacements for the lights and beg Manuel to take down the curtain.

My study?  The thing I've dreamed about for eons?  It's a bit of a caterpillar waiting to become a butterfly!

But the most perplexing thing for us is the main bathroom.  It has, what we jokingly call the indoor pool, a huge bathtub.  It is surrounded by a sharp-edged, tiled platform that scares me as a Mother.

Still, Walter has managed to infuse some decor changes to this space.

Maybe I should take a cue from him and use stickers when I'm at a loss of what to do?

PS:  For the first time I have won something from a Blog giveaway!  Rosa, from Flutter Flutter, was giving away tickets to BC Home and Garden show.  I won them.  We're so excited - it's a perfect chance to check out products and ideas.  There are so many things we'd like to do in this new home and we're hoping to get truly inspired.  Thanks, Rosa.


  1. Congratulations, this is really exciting. What a large space you have to work with. I am digging that crystal chandelier. I wouldn't change that one. Oh man, you know that master bath is going to be a ton of work. So much of the vintage furniture left to you can be painted really cool. It is a long process, have patience, it will by fantastic with your personal stamp on it.

    1. Heah Linda - if you want that crystal chandelier maybe we can work something out. I just can't think of a place that would work for me.