Friday, March 22, 2013

Blogabout - Frugality

I'm still "collecting" blogs.  Today I want to share two blogs that I've recently found that focus on frugality.

Blissful and Domestic is written by a wonderful lady named Danielle who writes from Nevada.  I found her blog via The Non-Consumer Advocate blog I've been reading for quite a while.  Katy mentioned B&D because Danielle and her husband managed to live on $14,000 USD a year - wow!  It helps that they don't have a mortgage and own their vehicles outright, but still ... it takes real effort and commitment to keep to such a tight budget.

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I can't remember how I found Living Well on the Cheap - I think I was looking for ways to DIY some window coverings.  Charlotte writes from Louisiana.  I've read her entire blog - so many great ideas to try out.

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Both of these blogs make me re-consider how I approach things in my life.  Instead of buying something because it's the easiest way to get a result I've been trying to "shop" in my own home, search the internet for alternatives, and generally take a moment (or two or three) before making a purchase that I don't really need.

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