Thursday, March 21, 2013

Figuring Out Our Style

I am a member of Fabricland, a store that sells fabrics, sewing notions, and other things related to needle and thread.  During the month of March they had a great sale and I finally managed to get in yesterday after work - the last day for the sale.  There was so much to choose from ... and I ended up leaving the store with nothing.  :(

I had great plans ... fabrics for curtains, blinds, pillows, re-covering the dining chair seats, re-doing a sofa.  But I realized that I was hesitating with every fabric that caught my eye because we hadn't picked out colours, we hadn't really discussed interior design.  By we I mean Manuel and I.  I know that I tend to like the cooler colours - greys, blues - while Manuel prefers the warmer colours - terra cottas, yellows.  I don't want the choices all to lean my way, I want the choices to reflect a mid-point between our two viewpoints ... and I guess I wasn't quite realizing what that colour scheme is yet.

Tomorrow, after work, Walter and I are going to do a Mommy-Son evening at Ikea.  This means Walter gets to play in Smaland while I get to do some shopping with hot dogs and ice cream to follow.  Maybe something will click and I'll come home with some items I can work with.

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