Monday, April 08, 2013

Spring Clean Up Means Saving Money

The next two weeks in our municipality is spring clean-up.  This is an annual program where normal garbage volumes are waived and we can put out bulky items that we'd normally have to haul to the dump ourselves.

This sounds so not eco-friendly, but it's actually a great way of recycling.  The reason why is that everyone drives around looking for things they need.  What's one person's trash is another person's treasure.  We put out the old patio set that the previous owners left behind.  It was gone in less than half an hour!

What have I scored so far?

Four pictures ... I'm not really interested in the art - the frames are really what I'm after.  Getting frames with glass is expensive.  I'd like to hang up some of my artwork, photographs, and Walter's artwork ... but I hate spending so much money on frames.  I'll take the artwork out of these and replace them with our own works.

I also found a dresser that I'm going to use in the dining room to help coral some of Walter's art supplies, puzzles, and games.  It's not a mid-century teak piece, but it was free and in good working order.  I wiped it down with some vinegar-water-essential lemon oil mixture I use around the house to clean things and will let it dry completely.  I have some cheap dollar store wrapping paper that I'll use to cove the drawer bottoms to give it some oomph.

As you can tell the previous owner tried to embellish one of the sides with some Emily Carr style painting.  Don't worry.  I do plan to redo the whole thing at some point during the Summer months when I can work outside.

At times like these it's great to have a large truck to haul these great free finds.

I'll let you know if I find anything else.

What have you found for free recently?

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