Sunday, May 05, 2013

Family Date Night

Picture it.  It's Saturday night, 7:30 PM.  Walter should be getting a bath any moment, with a book and bedtime to follow.  Instead Manuel pipes up, "Let's go bowling."  Aha ... right.  Reluctantly I agreed (it was Manuel's night to put Walter to bed ... so my "free" night to relax ... I got a little grumpy losing my time).  Off we go ... to Cloverdale.  Yes, of course ... because five-pin bowling isn't just anywhere.  In fact, there aren't very many of them, and for a five year old five pin is a lot easier to do.  So, yes, Cloverdale.  That's a good 40 kilometers from our home ... 30 plus minutes.

I decided to just let things happen.  Drop my grumpy feelings and enjoy the time with my two guys.  So worth it.  Best Family Date Night ever!

We all had a blast.  Manuel used to play in a league, so naturally he did quite well ... even if he was a little rusty.

Walter and me?  Well, I came in dead last!  That's OK ... I enjoyed myself, and I did get better as we played.

Final score:  Manuel - 533, Walter - 333, and Me - 305.

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