Thursday, May 02, 2013

Lightroom - Being My Own Teacher

I do a lot of on-line researching for my daytime job, so perhaps what I'm about to say won't resonate with everyone.

As you know I recently purchased Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 to help me improve my post-photography images.  Nowadays when you buy software you are very likely not going to get much more than a CD/DVD and the packaging that disc came in.  Perhaps a piece of paper encouraging you to register, but rarely will you get any kind of user manual.  This means you have to find your way around the software on your own.  This is where my on-line researching skills come into play.

Now I love manuals.  I'm the kind of person who reads the user manual on everything I buy if it's provided.  So, if it doesn't come with it?  I start using Google to search for on-line content to read and view.

This is what I did with Lightroom.  One simple source I found was probably the most obvious:  AdobeTV.  This is where I found Learn Lightroom 4.  Simple videos that are generally less than six minutes in length - perfect for watching, learning, and applying in short bursts.

Today I learned the basics to touching up photos in Lightroom.



The great thing with Lightroom is it is non-destructive to your digital images.  It uses a metadata system to record everything you do to the photo and stores that information separately.  The original image allows remains as is.

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