Tuesday, June 04, 2013

A Gripe - Enter to Win - No Purchase Necessary

I try to limit my on-line presence to sites and companies that I feel comfortable with.  Ones that have good privacy policies, and sound security implementation.  There is, of course, no complete guarantee ... once you've dipped your toe in the on-line world your presence can reach around the world.

Still, I try.

One thing I've noticed lately is the proliferation of contests where no purchase is necessary, simply go to XXX website and key in your PIN number for your chance to win some wonderful prize.  Every time I go to these sites and key in that special code I am brought to a page where I need to supply way more than an email address.  I see it for what it is - a cheap, efficient way of building potential client lists.  I do the work, they get the reward.

When I get one of these pages I immediately close the window and move on.  None of these prizes have been worth the cost of being bombarded by more sells pitches.  I already get too much of that.

What do you do?  Do you close the window and move on or do you give them what they want in the hopes of winning?

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