Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Summer Camping 2013

Summer vacation for us is usually time with family, doing chores around the family farm, and spending some time back woods camping in Forest Services sites.  This year was no exception.  Two weeks filled to the brim with sun, farm work, camping, fishing, dirt roads, and lots of family time.

Let's get started ... first up, farm work.  The grapes needed trimming and weeds trimmed back.

The peaches needed harvesting ...

Then off to Christian Valley, in behind Big White ...

... to Nevertouch Lake.

Forest Services camp sites are either free or require just a small sum of money to stay at.  The trade-off?  Pit toilets, and very basic sites with no services.  You are expected to supply your own water, garbage services, and toilet paper.  Clean up after yourselves, and leave things better than you found them.  In return you get serenity, peace, quiet, incredible flora and fauna, and intense beauty all around.  The people you meet are overwhelming friendly and generous.

This isn't camping for the faint of heart.  There are lots of dirt roads to contend with.

Long, rolling dirt roads ...

With tree harvesting happening during the weekdays ...

... and campsites nestled in between.

Setting up camp.

Sites with incredible views.

Of course, fishing to help you relax.

After five days of camping we headed back to the farm to finish off our chores ... although we did take a day off to visit Summerland.

To ride the steam train.

After riding the train Walter declared he had ridden every type of transportation except for space rockets - cars, trucks, buses, sky trains, boats, planes, and steam trains.  Wow - only six and already so many ways to move around!

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