Thursday, August 15, 2013


Blogging land is interesting during the summer months.  Just before the heat of summer you start to read blogs where the writer is re-thinking their blog, needs time away, isn't sure of their focus anymore, or simply feels drained.  Others tell you they will be gone or blogging sporadically in-between vacations.  Still others, like me, disappear.  Some of these vanishing bloggers are in the navel gazing camp and you either do (or don't) hear from them again.  That's not me.  I was on vacation ...  I'm just paranoid.  I didn't say anything before going because I obviously think that only burglars read my blog and I didn't want them knowing that the house was unoccupied and just ripe for the picking.  If I'd been super organized and on-the-ball I would have scheduled some blog posts for while I was away (like those lights on timers).  I'm not that organized, and I'd likely trip on any balls that got in my way.  All this rambling to say that I had a great vacation with lots of outdoor activities and time with family and friends.  I'm rested, happy, and ready to carry on.

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