Sunday, September 29, 2013

How Sears Nearly Drove Us Crazy

Remember when we bought the patio furniture, dishwasher and fridge back in August?  We put the patio furniture on our balcony, we installed the dishwasher, and next we were going to get the fridge hooked up.  Except ... that never happened.  Let me explain.

We bought everything back on August 24th and we took the patio furniture with us.  We had the dishwasher and fridge delivered.  That ended up being the following Saturday, August 31st.  The delivery guys wouldn't bring the fridge into the kitchen because the doors had to be removed in order to fit it through the doorways.  That wasn't in their job description - they would void our warranty if they did that.  Ugh.  On the phone to Sears - they organized for a technician for the Tuesday ... except, they misunderstood and scheduled the delivery guys again.  So, another wait while they organized the technician along with the delivery guys because, of course, the technician doesn't move things, only takes them apart and puts them together.  The technician arrived early, got the doors off and suggested a re-schedule of his time to get the doors on once the delivery guys had moved the fridge into the kitchen!  I must have looked shell-shocked because the technician ended up helping Manuel move the fridge into the kitchen.  Just as they were placing the fridge in the kitchen the delivery guys arrived!  The technician put the doors back on, and we plugged it in.  BEEB-BEEB-BEEB!  A never-ending alarm sounded, and the fridge wouldn't chill.  The technician wasn't sure, but decided to order a new motherboard.  Another week and a half of waiting with a dud of a fridge taking up precious kitchen space while our old fridge sat in the garage.  Yes, that meant every time we needed something from the fridge we had to go through the garage ... and go back out to put things away.  The motherboard finally arrived ... no, wait, maybe not ... there was a mix-up ... the technician was booked ... we waited ... no one showed up ... oh, maybe the part hadn't arrived after all.  Finally, we couldn't take it anymore.  We called to have it taken away ... which resulted in more problems because, of course, the delivery guys who came wouldn't take the doors off!  Finally, Sears Outlet organized a private moving company that did take the doors off, and did remove the fridge for us.

We went from this:

To this:

And, finally, back to this:

We'll move the old fridge back ourselves.  Once we've recovered from the stress of experiencing Sears customer service.

Just in case you are wondering, we would still consider shopping at Sears in the future.  We've bought from them in the past without these kinds of problems and we're hopeful that future experiences will be better.

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