Saturday, July 13, 2013

Filing Cabinets Be Gone

I like things organized.  Even Lego - a bin for the blue Lego, a bin for the yellow Lego, a bin for the red, black, and white Lego.  You get the picture.  So, of course, it only seems natural that I like to file papers away - bills, receipts, whatever.  Actually ... I hate filing.  I especially hate the look of filing cabinets.  For an organized person they should carry a certain aesthetic, but to me they have a hard, ugly edge about them and there is definitely nothing fun about them.  They are all business.  Yes, yes.  Some crafty folks have painted them pretty colours.  Nonetheless, it does nothing to hide the fact that they are just plain awful.

Being an organized individual I've felt obliged to have filing cabinets in my home.  We all have paperwork, and therefore, we need filing cabinets, right?  Wrong.  I am here to set you straight today.  You don't have to have a filing cabinet in your home to be organized.  Let me explain.

As I was reading through various blogs the other day I found Simple Productivity Blog.  And this is where I learned that you don't have to use a filing system to be organized.  A simple box to hold your receipts, bills, and what have you, for the year is enough.  I had actually been doing this since we moved as I was avoiding the filing cabinets.  I was dreading going through this box ... but the box itself?  I had been finding it quite useful.  Anytime I needed to reference a bill I would go to my box and within a few seconds I would have it.  I needed a receipt?  Bam - I had it.  Could I have found it in some complicated, multi-coloured file system?  Probably.  But we're not some big corporate office.  We're just a family, with simple needs.

I think I'm going to continue with my box.  I am going to expand my box system ... I'll have a separate one for manuals, and one for Walter, Manuel and myself.  And ... I just might have to make them pretty looking ;)

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