Thursday, July 04, 2013

Curtain Fabric

Would you believe I'm working on another July goal?  Yes, it's true.

Goal #3 - curtains for Walter's bedroom.  I went to Fabricana in Richmond.  This is a great store for fabric-obsessed shoppers.  A huge main floor plus a large mezzanine, all devoted to fabric.  I wandered around a bit, but then honed in on the quilting section.  This area has a large selection of cotton, and cotton-mixed fabrics with wonderful patterns.  I was a little worried about the fabric theme Walter wanted - frogs ... but it wasn't long before I found multiples.  Cute ones, serious ones, colourful ones, subtle ones.  So many to choose from.  I finally settled on a fabric that had a black background with happy, colourful, smiling frogs all around.

The black background should help with the sunlight at bedtime, and the colourful frog pattern is just plain smile-inducing.

Oh, and another fabric caught my eye.

I decided Walter's old yellow curtains will go in the guest bedroom.  I'm thinking this fabric will be used in the master bedroom.  It has a subtle geometric pattern and several colours to choose from as a basis for other decorating decisions that need to be made ... for instance, wall colours and bed linen.

Tomorrow I hope to measure out the new curtains for Walter's bedroom and start sewing, sewing baby.

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