Wednesday, July 03, 2013

June Goals - Recap

My goals for June were obviously too much for me.  There was a lamp, curtains, garage sale/craiglisting, and a little crafty project.  I managed to do ... none.  :(

I started off OK - I sanded the lamp base to roughen up the shiny surface so that I could spray a new colour (white).  That went OK.  I then sprayed a thin primer coat to cover the beige colour.  I let that dry and sprayed a few thin coats of the new white colour.  That went fine.  I let it sit overnight and then tipped it sideways so that I could get the bottom and edge covered.  I let that dry and then stood it back up.  A sprayed another thin coat.  That's when I saw it.  A strange, crinkly spot.  Well, actually two crinkly spots.  I told Manuel about it and he immediately knew the cause.  I had touched the lamp with my hands.  Even though I thought my hands were clean he said the natural oils from my hands had transferred to the lamp and when I sprayed another coat the oil and paint created a funky crinkly look.  Which might be fine all over, but just too odd spots ... well, it looks bad.

This side looks OK.

However, when you turn it ...

Ugly crinkly paint.  So sad.  That failure burst my bubble and I put the project aside.

The rest of the goals just never happened.  What with Walter's birthday to organize, end of school events, and getting ready for a small trip to the Okanagan for Manuel's mothers 80th birthday ... I ran out of energy and time.

Bad me.  But that's life.

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